Production PROCESS

Production process in our foundry is composed of 6 subsequent elements:

  1. Purchase of feedstock
  2. Quality control (QC) and sorting of aluminum scraps
  3. Development of formula and production of the alloy; current control of chemical composition (spectrometer)
  4. Pouring liquid metal into the refining unit and refining with the use of argon; control of chemical composition (spectrometer)
  5. Casting of the metal into ingot moulds and final QC
  6. Packing, labeling, storage, and sale



Our foundry has been developing sustainably since 2006; since that time, the quality of our products has been consecutively enhanced. This is reflected in the quality and environmental management systems we have established and maintain according to standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Environmental PROTECTION

We are fully aware of the scale of responsibility for the natural environment resting with us a producer of aluminum alloys from secondary materials (scrap).

Indeed, it was with natural environment in mind that we designed each phase of the production process in our foundry. As a consequence, we have managed to limit the scope of potential threats to the environment to minimum.

Therefore, our environment-oriented activities did not finish the moment we gained the necessary permissions for collection, processing, management and transport of non-ferrous waste.

Our care for natural environment is reflected daily in the conscious approach to our work.