SealCo – Manufacturer of foundry aluminum alloys

We offer aluminum casting alloys. The raw materials that we use for production are both primary and secondary aluminum. The aluminum alloys we produce are used in many industries.

The foundry aluminum alloys produced by us have a chemical composition in accordance with European standards, as well as with the standards in force in individual countries. Our offer also includes alloys that we produce based on guidelines provided by the customer. Our alloys are characterized by excellent castability, strength and plasticity - depending on the grade.

SealCo – producer of aluminum alloys in the form of ingots

We produce aluminum alloys in ingots weighing ca. 8 kilograms according to the following norms:

… and according to the chemical composition provided in the order by the client.

Ingots are arranged in stacks on feet of the same grade of aluminum.

The whole set weights either ca. 500 kilograms or up to 1 200 kilograms – depending on the Customer’s preferences. When prepared for shipment, each set is strapped with plastic or metal bands and enwrapped using stretch foil for the sake of protection against unfavorable weather conditions.

We produce our aluminum alloys using both: secondary and primary materials. We have been in the Industry since 2006. These years of experience allowed us to develop very effective production techniques and to enrich our knowledge with new solutions and ideas regarding the management of secondary aluminum materials. We are unstoppable in our willingness to develop our foundry, and thus, are constantly testing and introducing new solutions focusing on the optimization and enhancement of the effectiveness of our production process.

Two grades of brass alloys according to the norm PN-91/H-87026
are also available in our offer, namely:
- MO-59
- MK-80



Purchase of SCRAP

To produce aluminum alloys we use aluminum scrap which we purchase from companies specializing in the trade of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap

Conditions of ordering and acceptance of aluminum scrap deliveries

RAW MATERIALS and alloying components

The following raw materials and alloying components are also used in the production of our alloys:

  • primary aluminum,
  • silicon metal,
  • alloying mordants (e.g. manganic, ferric, titanic, magnesic, nickel).



Our foundry renders the service of scrap smelting, inclusive of refining and modifying the resultant alloys according to the clients’ requirements.

In addition, we offer comprehensive technological consultancy relating to the production of castings from aluminum alloys.