Aluminium foundry
SealCo – Konin

SealCo Sp. z o.o. is a producer of secondary as well as primary aluminum alloys.

We serve clients representing the following branches of industry: automotive, machinery, electrotechnical, lighting industry, metallurgic and construction, as well as domestic equipment manufacturers.

SealCo – aluminium foundry in Konin

The goal of our foundry is to constantly strengthen our position on the domestic market and to build trust for our quality among gradually enlarging portfolio of Customers from abroad.

After our new investment is launched – the new production line, the heart of which is 6-ton-capacity tilting shaft furnace, our production capacity has been gradually increasing, and aiming at the level of 500 tons monthly.

We are constantly working on and are open to new production solutions to enhance our monthly production capacity in order to be able to serve our Customers’ needs and expectations even more effectively.

Moreover, in our view, a crucial factor allowing us to efficiently address even the most demanding inquiries of our Customers is the combination of our longstanding expertise with the individual and comprehensive approach to the their particular expectations.

What we focus on daily is the production of highest-quality aluminum alloys of all kinds of scrap material purchased, and using the knowledge and longstanding experience of our Workers.


We produce aluminum alloys.


To produce aluminum alloys we use aluminum scrap which we purchase.


Our foundry renders the service of scrap smelting, inclusive of refining and modifying the resultant alloys according to the clients’ requirements.

In addition, we offer comprehensive technological consultancy relating to the production of castings from aluminum alloys.

Our history

The origin of the Company
the origin of the Company under the name: “Odlewnia Metali Kolorowych Andrzej Lewandowski” (abbreviated to OMKAL) with its registered office in Rychwał.
Transformation of the Company into a general partnership
under the name: “Odlewnia Metali Kolorowych Andrzej Lewandowski, Lech Lewandowski” General Partnership.
Relocation from Rychwał to Konin
and the beginning of production in the new plant (our investment: the purchase of modern tilting crucible furnaces with melting capacity of 1000 kilograms each and equipped with an aluminum refiner used for all grades produced (refining is made using argon).
Gaining a new investor
and the transformation of the General Partnership into a Limited Liability Company under the new name: SealCo, LTD.
The exchange of the foundry’s machine park and the launch of the new production line

consisting of: 6-ton-capacity tilting shaft furnace (equipped with the „after-burner” system, which neutralizes the organic products of the burning process), degassing unit (argon refining used), casting machine (equipped with the state-of-the-art solutions for cooling of the moulds – air- and water-cooling processes), as well as exhaust gases filtration system.

What does the new name of our Company really mean?

We specialize in the production of a wide range of aluminum alloys, the majority of which is made of secondary aluminum [hence “SealCo”, meaning: SEcondary ALuminum COmpany]. Nonetheless, we have to admit that the production of primary aluminum alloys is our equally strong point. The fact that our company is widely recognized in the domestic market stems from our longstanding professional experience intermingled with the constantly advanced knowledge of the existing and the emerging groups of secondary aluminum materials.

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    NIP: PL6652928205
    REGON: 301320275
    KRS: 0000704869