SealCo Sp. z o.o. (previously: “Odlewnia Metali Kolorowych Andrzej Lewandowski, Lech Lewandowski” General Partnership) is a producer of secondary as well as primary aluminum alloys.

We serve clients representing the following branches of industry: automotive, machinery, electrotechnical, metallurgic and construction, as well as domestic equipment manufacturers.

Not only does our company aim at the constant advancement of our position on the domestic market but also at building confidence in our quality among the increasing number of our foreign clients.

Currently, our production capacity is to be estimated at the level of over 200 tons a month. What contributed to that result are the relocation of our plant to Konin and the purchase of modern tilting crucible furnaces with melting capacity of 1000 kilograms each and equipped with an aluminum refiner used for all grades produced. We strongly believe that that step will enable us to considerably enhance our production capacity in the future.

We seek for the gradual enhancement of that current production capacity since we believe that this will enable us to cater for the needs and expectations of our clients as efficaciously as it is only possible. Having that in mind, we plan further investments.

Moreover, in our view, a crucial factor allowing us to efficiently address even the most demanding inquiries of our clients is the combination of our longstanding expertise with the individual and comprehensive approach to the expectations of particular clients.

What we focus on daily is the production of highest-quality aluminum alloys of all kinds of scrap material purchased, and the pathway leading us to that goal is: