2006 – the origin of the Company under the name: “Odlewnia Metali Kolorowych Andrzej Lewandowski” (abbreviated to OMKAL) with its registered office in Rychwał.
2010 – transformation of the Company into a general partnership under the name: “Odlewnia Metali Kolorowych Andrzej Lewandowski, Lech Lewandowski” General Partnership.
2014 – relocation from Rychwał to Konin and the beginning of production in the new plant (our investment: the purchase of modern tilting crucible furnaces with melting capacity of 1000 kilograms each and equipped with an aluminum refiner used for all grades produced (refining is made using argon).
2017 – gaining a new investor and the transformation of the General Partnership into a Limited Liability Company under the new name: SealCo, LTD.
What does the new name of our Company really mean?
We specialize in the production of a wide range of aluminum alloys, the majority of which is made of secondary aluminum [hence “SealCo”, meaning: SEcondary ALuminum COmpany]. Nonetheless, we have to admit that the production of primary aluminum alloys is our equally strong point. The fact that our company is widely recognized in the domestic market stems from our longstanding professional experience intermingled with the constantly advanced knowledge of the existing and the emerging groups of secondary aluminum materials.